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Amir Johnson earlier in the seaso

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    16 maja 2017 03:48:26 CEST

    PARIS - Amélie Mauresmo was officially appointed Andy Murrays coach on Sunday as the British star prepares to embark on the grass-court season and defend his Wimbledon title. Ray Lewis Miami Jersey . There are a handful of women coaching players on the ATP Tour, but none with anywhere close to the profile of Murray, a two-time Grand Slam winner and Olympic gold medallist. "Amélie is someone I have always looked up to and admired," Murray said in a statement. "Shes faced adversity plenty of times in her career, but was an amazing player." It is rare for an elite mens player to be mentored by a woman, especially one who is not related to him. Jimmy Connors was once coached by his mother. Billie Jean King coached Tim Mayotte for a short time. Andrei Chesnokov was coached by Tatiana Naumko. Early in the French Open, Murray was asked about the possibility of hiring a female coach and how that may be received by his peers. "For me, I dont care," said Murray, who had been without a coach since parting ways with Ivan Lendl in March. "I dont really care whether some of the other male players like it or not. Thats not something that really bothers me. I was coached by my mum for a long time. I have had her around at tournaments for a long time. There has been ex-players and stuff that have said, Oh, your mom shouldnt be around, or, She shouldnt come and support you or come to watch. You know, its silly. "Everyone is entitled to have the team around them that they want. Everyone works very differently. You know, some men might not work well with a female. Some men might work well with a female coach. Its just whatever your preference is and whatever your needs are. Thats basically it." Judy Murray, Andys mum, weighed in on Twitter saying, "Love it," in response to the news. Mauresmo, a former world No. 1, who won Wimbledon and the Australian Open, held a news conference in Paris just moments before the start of the mens French Open championship match between Rafael Nadal, coach by his Uncle Toni, and Novak Djokovic, who is coached by Boris Becker. The following is a transcript of Mauresmos exchange with reporters: Q. What was the moment when you thought that you would take over as coach of Andy Murray?  What is it about the job that is fascinating to you? AMÉLIE MAURESMO:  Andy contacted me a few weeks ago and we started to talk about this possibility to work, to be working together.  Its not really something that I was thinking doing when I stopped being a tennis player. Then we talked again a little bit more about how to do the things maybe about his game, about different things. We came up with the will from both sides to, yeah, to give it a shot. Q. Could you talk a bit about the fact obviously youre a woman, hes a man.  Do you consider that of any relevance, or do you see it possibly as a positive advantage for you? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I would say that, yeah, I mean, its probably something that have to you ask him at some point why he made this choice.  We all know his mother was a big part of his tennis career. I think hes maybe looking for something different, about emotions and sensitive things.  Its not really interesting for me, this part of the story, to be honest.  All Im interested in is to be able to help him in his goals.  Thats about it.  The rest is the story for you to write, I guess. But, yeah, for me its a challenge.  I want to take it. Q. Can you tell us what areas of Andys game you believe you can be the most help to him in? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I dont think Im going to go into these details right now.  I think we really get to know each other, really get to start, and actually start working together. Well maybe talk about it at some point. Q. He had obviously choices and people to consider.  When he contacted you the first time, did he say, Amélie, the reason I decided that you would be the right person is because you could bring me this or this that?  Did he give you a reason why he thought of you? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, he did. Q. Can you tell us what it is? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Not really (Laughter). Not really. I mean, maybe he will tell you at some point. Q. Have you watched his game much over the years?  Did you have any sort of relationship with him?  Were you surprised when he rang? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: We didnt really talk to each other more than just greeting each other and stuff.  I have watched him play, yes, many times. Again, we have talked a little bit already about his game.  We definitely going to get more into this very soon, I guess. Q. Were you surprised when he rang? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: It was a little bit of a surprise, yes.  To be honest, yes. Q. This will obviously get a lot of attention because you are a woman going to be coaching a top man.  Do you think it is an important step for mens sport for somebody to make this decision? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Again, I mean, I guess it is a big story to write on and a step forward. But honestly, its not my big concern right now.  Im happy about this new challenge.  I want to help Andy.  Its the only thing that I have in mind right now. Q. I think the reason why Andy stopped working with Ivan Lendl is Ivan said he didnt have enough time to spend with him.  You will be available to travel with Andy throughout the year, will you? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: We have already, yes, talked about this.  Yeah, not the whole year, not as fulltime, but, yes, significant amount of weeks that we have agreed on and should be good for everyone. Q.  From your point of view, what do you expect to achieve with Andy and what would make the job a success for you? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Well, its quite easy for me to answer this, and hes very open on this.  He wants to win more Grand Slam or Grand Slams, so I guess thats what it is. Q. You were in a comfortable position as a TV consultant. AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, I was sitting.  Now I will be... Q. You will have almost the same pressure as Andy.  The expectations will be high.  So what was the reason for you to accept such a tough challenge? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: First of all, I think he has the most pressure.  Thats for sure when youre a player, and I know what it is.  You have huge pressure on your shoulders.  This will remain this way. Yes, it will change a little bit my life and my retirement, lets say.  But Im passionate.  Im passionate about this sport.  I love challenges. I dont know, I guess I like to put myself on the line at some point and see what I can do. Q. We all know that since Billie Jean, a big part of the WTA, has been about the empowerment of women and opportunities.  We all know also its extremely difficult for WTA players.  What were your thoughts that Ernests Gulbis made the other day that he would not want his sisters to go into tennis and that its very tough and they should be focusing on families? AMÉLIE MAURESMO:  I know him a little bit.  I think you guys also know him quite a lot.  Hes provocative at some point.  Im not sure he was really thinking this way. He explained a little bit later why he said this.  Im not really Im not shocked by this because I know him.  I know how he is. Q. How long is your commitment with Andy? AMÉLIE MAURESMO: We are going to do the grass court season and we will talk after that. Chris Webber Michigan Jersey . The Philadelphia left fielder clubbed a tiebreaking, solo home run in the seventh inning, and the Phillies edged the Red Sox, 2-1, in the middle test of a three-game interleague series at Citizens Bank Park. Michigan Wolverines Jerseys . Plata blasted a rising shot to the upper left corner for his team-leading seventh goal of the season. He got the kick after referee Allen Chapman ruled Chris Tierney fouled John Stertzer in the penalty - Tyler Hansbrough hasnt played in over three weeks but his long-awaited return to the court could be around the corner. The Raptors forward has been sidelined for 11 games, longer than originally expected, after aggravating a lingering left ankle injury against his former team in the Jan. 1 win over Indiana. Although theres still no clear timetable - hell be a game-time decision in Philadelphia Friday, the case for most of this month - Hansbrough has ramped up his work and believes hes made significant progress. "Today was the most Ive done on it," Hansbrough told prior to Wednesdays contest. "Its definitely getting better, just a few steps but its improving. I feel like Im right around the corner from playing." Participating in practice to some degree for nearly two weeks, Hansbrough continues to work with Torontos renowned training staff to strengthen his ankle. Originally categorized as day-to-day with an ankle sprain, Hansbrough was removed from the injury report altogether and is now simply being listed as inactive while the team waits for him to say hes ready to go. The 28-year-old has been hesitant to rush his return, opting to play it safe and wait until hes close to 100 per cent, according to team sources. "Obviously I want to be out there but its just one of those things where its taken a while," Hansbrough said. "But its getting better." "There was really no set schedule," he continued. "Im improving, I know that, so when Im there, Im there and Ill be ready." The team estimated he would need four-to-five days of rest after he missed his first game with the ankle ailment, and third of the campaign, in Washington on Jan. 3. The injury has turned out to be more intricate than they anticipated. "Its more of a bruise," Dwane Casey said last week. "I dont want to rush him back and I dont think he wants to rush backk either," said Casey ahead of the Bucks game on Jan. Glenn Robinson III Michigan Jersey. 13. "If he had to go, if it was a playoff game tonight, hed probably be able to go." That was 10 days ago and still, Hansbrough and the Raptors are taking things game-by-game. "I sat down with the trainers and we kind of came up with when we thought Id be ready," said the forward. "I feel like Ill be on the court very soon." In his fifth NBA season and first with the Raptors, Hansbrough is averaging 5.5 points - a career-low - and 5.0 rebounds in 28 contests. Signed to a two-year deal last summer, his contract is only partially guaranteed for next season. With the former Pacer sidelined, a couple of newly acquired bigs have stepped up and seized the opportunity in Caseys generally strict nine-man rotation. Often the first player off Torontos bench, Patrick Patterson is averaging 9.4 points and 4.9 rebounds since coming to the Raptors in the Rudy Gay trade last month. Chuck Hayes, also acquired in that deal, has earned the trust of his coach with his veteran savvy on defence. Although he was playing well before getting hurt - even supplanting starter Amir Johnson earlier in the season - and Casey is a strong believer that you shouldnt lose your job to injury, the Raptors coach has a tough decision to make when Hansbrough is finally able to make his return. Certainly its not a bad problem for a coach to have, but what will Hansbroughs role be when hes back in uniform and how will Casey juggle his five bigs? "Well see," Casey said after practice Thursday. "Tylers a valuable part of what we were doing earlier, his intensity and what he brings to the table is important but those other guys have really set the tone for the second unit." "Im sure hes not going to be able to come in and go full-bore for big minutes but we want to get him back in the rotation at some point." Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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