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Causes of cracks in pavement

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    22 maja 2017 08:38:09 CEST

    Causes of cracks in pavement
    Cracks are mainly divided into: a structural failure caused by the action of the load caused by the impact of the load; two due to changes in the temperature of the asphalt surface temperature cracks, including low temperature shrinkage cracks and temperature fatigue cracks in the non-load crack. Studies have shown that the semi-rigid base of the asphalt pavement of the corresponding reflection of the non-load type is caused by the temperature changes, in some cases may also be caused by the temperature and load complete road construction machinery

    Through the cracks in the slot, clean up, the use of road sealant filling, repair, so that the sealant and the original asphalt concrete pavement good convergence, the formation of elastic expansion joint properties of the tensile effect, thus closing the road rain (snow) water and miscellaneous Intrusion, delay the speed of road damage, reduce roadbed damage, to achieve preventive maintenance is a end mill used for

    The grooving grouting repair method is suitable for small and medium-sized cracks. It is a common crack treatment method. The main equipment used include slotting machine and filling machine. The sealing material is specially designed for crack repair (modified asphalt polymer ), Slot size of at least 1cm wide, 1 ~ 3cm deep, slot depth, width ratio should not exceed 2: 1, the depth ratio is driveway crack sealant

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