MS does not feel right in this regard

  • I tried playing this one; played the beta. The controls for Maplestory M Meso mouse & keyboard are simply awful. Not just bad, but nearly game-breaking. Personally, I'll remain with the 2D match - I can use my mouse keyboard with no issues in that match. The character's response isn't as reactive with K&M at MS, at least in regards to moving around. It made me want to play to more than level 10. I wanted to enjoy it, but the controls only made me dislike it instead.I'm certain it, generally plays as the original game, only in an updated version. Just with controls for K&M. Additionally, gold sellers have been overflowing in MapleStory (the original game) for years upon years, so it doesn't surprise me that they are in MS too. ?

    I really like the social aspects and the many distinct benefits offered for gameplay options that are distinct. But the combat feels so lackluster, old maple was so battle heavy and even sooner maps might be challenging (add the fact you may easily go exploring and end up in regions which were damn scary). MS does not feel right in this regard. I found I could easily walk into any mapherd up the entire areas mobs and then just turn around, press one button and then melt down the whole lot. . The story quest is an uninteresting easy-as-pie mash the button to skip dialog, go to this map and then kill everytnig in one hit - go here and mash the button to skip more conversation, rinse repeat. Boss battles and dungeons are a challenge the dinosaurs are.

    Regarding the weapon enhancement procedure (enchanting), there are two ways to go. The first is pure RNG the more updates you have, the lower the chance for a enchantment but the material cost is very low per effort. The wonderful part here is there is not any chance to destroy your product via enchanting. The other alternative is ensured success rate every moment the number of upgrades your item has. But, it requires far more stuff than the preceding option. Each successful update increases the number of materials you require for the next upgrade. The very first one is a bet but uses materials that are less, while the second option is Maplestory M Mesos safe but dull. Many will suggest you +10 your thing using the method, then proceed method that is next the remainder of the way. ?

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