This is BS! I pre-registered The Elder Scrolls Blades.

  • I really do wonder about Bethesda's future. We are all sat there awaiting the next instalment of The Elder Scrolls Blades, and now wondering what way they are going to attempt to stiff arm more money out of buy TESO Blades Gold uswhile at precisely the exact same time there is a legion of modders adding fresh content all the time. Of there and not only to Skyrim but things such as Beyond Bruma regions have reached the point where Bethesda needs us however do we want Bethesda? That I did know, Begging for assistance. It's merely the fact the are alienating do many enthusiasts with their cash grabbing such as in The Elder Scrolls Blades and Fallout 76, and of course that the Creativity Club, they are rapidly losing any credibility amongst the fans.

    I've been playing for 14 hours and I've 124 gems I haven't invested any though except at the tutorial.Also The Elder Scrolls Blades is a part time game of course you are me not complete time that's kinda obvious considering it's a portable game so it is possible to initiate the opening chests procedure and move and do something else that is productive on your every day life you even get educated when you forget to start the chest procedure. You could also obtain free stuff in the store every day.You know I'm trying my very best to stay up for The Elder Scrolls Blades and Bethesda but I didn't even get my pre-order starter pack.This is really no different than older games like quake from the 90s that had a semi game as a free shareware and then you pay the full cost for the remainder of The Elder Scrolls Blades degrees. Do people expect the whole game to simply be free?

    This is BS! I pre-registered The Elder Scrolls Blades. I launched up it and I can't play with the damn game. Pay to triumph? I can not even load to the damn thing. was declared and I Pre-registered it. I got cellular games that attempt to poach the wallet. And that I got skyrim so that it's pointless to get The Elder Scrolls Blades actually if it's not completly free to play.Played The Elder Scrolls Blades a tiny bit, was stunned by the graphics honestly (though I feel like they should get a solution to get more players in since not everybody is able to have a capable phone). The second they introduced stone and asked me to wait for 5 sec for town hall to be built I quit honestly.I really looked forward to this miniature RPG game and was frustrated! The fighting system is completely unassuming and boring , you have seen everything,,, if you have played a level! This a game can't be free is apparent, but what bethesda provides is The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold expensive and absolute rip-off! The only positive is that the images that is really beautiful!

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