woW Classic are not the exact same thing

  • WoW Classic can never match the evolution of Vanilla. We will not be able to kite world bosses to cities. Pets that are hunter will not be traveled with by blood. Martin Fury will not be given in error again. No one will have a funeral in buy wow classic gold Wintergrasp on a PVP server. Wonders that were there to discover back have been done forever. Vintage won't be like Vanilla. We can only hope for a feel and look as close as possible.Funny you cite guild banks. The drama that came out of bank thieves was mythical. They had to be managed and every guild was different with how they used it. I actually wanted to opt out of the whole thing; but if guild perks exist, members expect them as part of assessing a guild as"good" I constantly had to manage the community chest like a ball and chain. Now, there were some interesting and helpful things that came from banks that are guild. But they'd problems such as everything else. Nevertheless, control and the permissions of banking in WoW Classic is better than any other mmorpg on the market. Other games make bank heists simple the GL may have access. That's ridiculously non-functioning.

    I'd really like to see an advance in World of Warcraft such as characters and races which are promised not supporting so many restrictions have to go exalted have to explore everything need to get accomplishments if you pay for it should be unlocked or some rather short questline to unlock it not weeks and weeks same with flying give it a pursuit line or purchase it with gold and open all raids and dungeons LFR normal and heroic and Mythic forcing individuals to join guilds and to need to know people and with the pet tab show among those pets and if you hover over you can select one of the three not three in a row you scroll forever it would free up scrolling and it seems like it is more about item level not real stats today hey look at all this stuff you get in the new growth but you have to grind for weeks to unlock it cover us money two-player sport and work daily everyday the more the search to unlock an item the more months of service someone will purchase. A ship that is sinking love WoW Classic but the time do things.Shouldn't be there. It's not vanilla. An issue I think that it poses is, so lets say you are at a party. You need a sword as a rogue, theres another rogue from the party, your buddy is your warrior tank. You roll need on it, if he wins the roll, and your friend does. That would not be possible, since its a Bind on Pickup. Another thing would be, to avoid this, if they were to include not having the ability to need on items? But this would be an issue. They should not incorporate this crap.

    WoW Classic prior to the expansions and woW Classic are not the exact same thing. WoW Classic is a remastering of the original base game, not a formal re-release of a fifteen year-old product. Your going to find some modernization to the sake of usability, immersion, and availability. You expect blizzard to support 32 bit development? Seriously? People kept there aged core Athalons with two gigs of ddr2. Yeah let's go back to this since"nostalgia". Personally I'm fine with introducing the quality of classic wow gold lifestyle changes that they made through BC. Wraith of the Lich King is where I was actually lost by blizzard and the hands holding took over in full force.

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