Division 2 Boosting keeps on streaming for example every 5 to 1

  • I dont understand why but Division 2 Boosting keeps on streaming for example every 5 to 10 minutes. It doesn't rubber band, it simply buffers. Sometimes the game even crashes. My CPU being a ruzen 2600 can run it just fine at settings as that is my 1050ti can deal with. But its becoming really bad. Sometimes I cant leavr the safezone. I attempt to buffers then crashes. I need to continue cause it is so much fun but I causr of the 1 bug. Ive checked, my cpu is only used to 70% of its own power. I honestly dont know what it is but I hope it gets fixed. I like the more bullet spongy struggles. It pulls them out and makes each movement more meaningful, instead of everything dying in 3 hits (causing yourself). Additionally, it helps to keep low level players from area's they aren't assumed to be in as they will have ALOT of difficulty killing noticeably higher degree enemies (personal experience). That said, I can totally see why that is disliked by some people. Pretty much everything I mentioned can technically be used against the game, but that's why there are different kinds of games. Hopefully I have given you a small insight as to why we like it. I'm not completely certain how Division 2 will pan out, but when we can take Division 1 into consideration, what you're whining about goes away based on how you build your character and what you're fighting against.There are builds centered around large DPS in the initial Section that burn down anything that isn't some raid-tier boss, even players. Sniper builds that one-tap different gamers, SMG builds that melt anyone in a moment, turret/deployable builds that provide you pocket controller over specific areas and concentrate on CC'ing men and women within the area, healbot builds, etc.. .It's easy to confuse footage of a match when you have spent your time into the 25, for what you can actually achieve. www.mmogo.com Yes.This is this!!

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