I have played ESB Gold for around 15 hours

  • I have played ESB Gold for around 15 hours. I'm level 20, my city is flat 5. I'm having no difficulty earning jewels, having tasks to complete, and performing quests. I haven't paid a penny to play and I'm enjoying it a lot with my Moto game pad. I am in a position to grind jobs to level up if I choose. If things are too hard, wait a few hours to get a chest to unlock and receive far better armor/weapons. It is not that bad really. It's a totally free mobile game so I am not complaining at all. When compared with another cellular games out right now, this is wonderful. I haven't ran into any glitches, so it runs smoothly on my Moto Z2 force, and I am loving the story line. You are calling me that the retard yet you can not even use the correct"that there"? LMAO, you are a petty dumbshit, are not you? BTW the correct"that there" you should have used is"they're" as in they and are placed together. Not only would you not have no sense, AND you can not actually do something as simple as spell correctly? Fuck do I feel bad for you, you're so stupid you can't even see your own dumbshit stupidity. Go back to college and learn something before making yourself look like an ignorant, dumb piece of asshat again? Morally right? Bethesda made and went a MOBILE match themselves ffs. They could not be more benevolent when they tried, and unlike Fallout Shelter BGS did so rather than hiring out into a bunch of theiving canadians, so it actually took time and rThe Elder Scrolls Bladesurces from their other projects to do this. You're also ignoring the area where ITS A MOBILE GAME, as you're a fucking drone. They have done nothing wrong here, it is pretty evident that once you reach level 18 you're supposed to slow down and become tactful on how you play. You are also not supposed to fukken play this like it is the reason they gave it a difficulty spike, Skyrim, which is. www.mmogo.com/Esom/Gold.html Yes.This is this!!

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