The setting for Trials Rising is much like a world tour

  • The setting for Trials Rising is much like a world tour as you will progress and unlock events in different continents. There is a Trials University to help train and hone your skills on the track and a challenge section that eventually gets unlocked that has you playing fun mini games that showcases the hilarious exaggeration of the physics engine. Games such as trying to slam dunk a basketball or see how far your rider can bounce off of barrels are certainly good for a laugh. You will find yourself bouncing around events with different environments that embody the area of the world you’re in. Lumber yards in Canada, rocket launches in Russia and city landscapes in major cities keep things fresh. There are also a few different bikes to choose with varying attributes such as being heavier and offering a better top speed or being light and agile. Two of the bikes are literally a BMX bike and a scooter, with the scooter being extremely difficult. The tandem bike allows for two people controlling one bike, as each person makes up 50% of the input and if one player falls off, hilarity ensues as you take jumps with a corpse hanging off the back of the bike. You can also bail on your teammate just to be a bad friend.

    Rising does attempt to add more content outside of its tracks, but this is done through the introduction of basic, repetitive loot boxes. Earned on level ups, these loot boxes include stickers, outfit pieces, and bike parts. However, there’s a lot of repetition here, and there’s very little meaning behind any of the content included here. It’s simply another checkbox to tick.

    In general, Trials Rising is a very online experience—you lose a lot when offline. You can still play through the built-in levels, but you miss out on elements like customization as well as online seasons and leaderboards. It plays antithetical to the idea of the Switch being so portable. Even worse, the game runs into framerate issues when played portably. I didn’t run into consistent issues, but it happened often enough to make me vastly prefer playing the game docked, and I generally prefer handheld. Thankfully when docked, it ran totally fine. Buy Cheap Huge Acorn Pack from gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

    Trials only ever feels truly great when its intricate high-octane puzzles are designed well. Rising’s tracks start off strong; only a few tracks into the game you’re asked to quickly adapt your throttle controls and leaning into perfect loops. These stages feel polished and fluid, a perfectly designed conundrum that makes you feel like an absolute badass.

    Needless to say, it takes a lot of skill and a quick reading of the terrain in front of you in order to adapt your speed of balance on the fly. You cannot just storm through the stage by holding the accelerator button, but you have to carefully measure both speed and balance in order to make it to the finish line, let alone winning a medal. Concerning the stages, there are more than 100 of them in this game and thematically there was a bit of step down from Trials Fusion’s abstract areas into the levels loosely based on real-life locations. Although Rising presents just a slight visual improvement comparing to Fusion, the game looks visually deeper and richer. Most of the levels are still easy to read at first glance. There is a clear color code for objects that will move or shift, which allows players to react faster and avoid the situation of the floor falling out under them.

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